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    Roof Cleaning

    One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to protect the structure of your home and extend the life of your roof is with routine professional roof cleaning. As dirt and debris build up on the surface of your roof, so does algae, moss, pollen, and other harmful organic material. Commonly, algae growth will appear as black streaking across your roof.

    This buildup not only makes your roofing look old and dull, but the algae and moss will actually eat away at the shingles of your roof. This can cause roofing tiles to be lifted, rot, decay, and even structural damage. Having your roof cleaned by trained, experienced professionals not only restores your roof’s color and appearance, but our technicians can make you aware of any minor issues that may need to be fixed before they result in more costly repairs.

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    At Reeves Contracting, we specialize in the safe and effective technique known as soft-washing. Our soft-wash roof cleaning service utilizes a safe level of pressure and environmentally-friendly cleaners to effectively clean your roof without the risk of damage to your roofing materials. Our roof cleaning specialists are here to help extend the life of your roof and save you time and money on avoidable damage and costly repairs.

    Visible Results

    We recommend that you have your roof cleaned by our professionals annually. No matter how long it has been since you last had your roof cleaned, our team can provide you with a free estimate and a complete and thorough roof cleaning to get you back on track. Call or visit Reeves Contracting today to learn more about our roof cleaning services!

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